As a translator for old German writings, I offer the following services:

  • Review of your documents and preparation of an offer for the transcription of old German writings such as Suetterlin or Gothic handwriting

  • 1:1 transcription or translation into today’s modern German forms of expression (e.g. documents that still need to be translated into English)

  • Transcription of deeds, letters, postcards, property documents with easements and servitudes, diaries and church book excerpts, etc.

old diary on the table

On the following pages, I would like to give you a small overview of some examples of German script. Have a look at the documents on the following pages and get an impression of the various possibilities of my translation services.

How to send your Documents

In any case, please make sure to send me high-resolution copies of your documents, if possible. In this way, it is possible to save the oftentimes important details that are necessary for a complete and correct decipherment.


The first contact and viewing of your documents are free of charge and without obligation. Only after reviewing the documents, I will be able to give you further information about the scope of the transcription and provide you with a cost estimate or an offer.

Prices for translations depend on the time I need for deciphering and transcribing. This again is determined by the extent, the clarity, and the quality of the copy of the document. In general, it can be said that most texts after 1850 rarely cause major problems. For older texts, legibility depends on whether the handwriting is clear or very ornate, whether many abbreviations and proper names are used, and most of all, whether a fine or broad nib was used. Therefore, it is difficult to estimate a price without having seen the document.

As a guide, take a look at my translation examples. For deciphering and transcribing the letter of the Duke of Mecklenburg shown there, I would estimate 10 Euro. On the other hand, the letter of Dr. Studemuno consists of two pages of quite illegible handwriting. For the translation, I would charge 15 Euro per page, which makes a total of 30 Euro. For texts that are difficult to decipher, the price per page can be up to 20 Euro. For larger projects, the price is a matter of negotiation.

The price examples above do not include any translation from German into English. If you are interested in additional translation services too, do not hesitate to ask me. I look forward to helping you.