Translator of Old German Script

Hello! My name is Annette Hübner. For many years I have been dealing with old German scripts and the transcription of these documents into our modern script and language. As a diploma documentalist, I am professionally involved in this topic. I find it exciting and fascinating to study and read old scripts, books or manuscripts. The old German texts are mostly handwritten and can often only be deciphered by an experienced reader.

Annette translating old German scripts

My experience with the old German language

Due to my many years of work at the Cultural History Museum in Rostock and the Museum of Local History in Bützow, I have a wide range of experience in handling old writings from the Middle Ages up to modern times. I read cleanly written historical documents just as fluently and confidently as you can read a printed book or newspaper today. Often the challenge is to first understand the handwriting of the respective author. Even in those days, there were penmen and scribblers. In the old offices, many abbreviations were used and most of the old professions are hardly known by anyone today. Household goods, measures, and weights had unusual designations and many old place names can no longer be found on any map in the old spelling.

After the translation of many thousands of handwritings, I am now able to help you quickly decipher your handwritten documents and translate even complicated German scripts.